Public Holidays in Rio de Janeiro 2014

public holidays in rio de janeiro 2014

We all love holidays and we all need to take a break from work to recharge the batteries every once in a while. Brazil has quite a lot of public holidays compared to other countries which means more time at the beach!

In Brazil most companies have the great tradition of “bridging” holidays. That means that if a public holiday falls on a Tuesday or Thursday the Monday or the Friday will also be made holidays. On the flip side employees will perhaps work an hour extra each day for a certain period to make up for the lost hours.

In preparation for next year, here is a list of all the public holidays in Rio de Janeiro 2014.


1st  – Wednesday – New Years Day (Confraternização Universal – Ano Novo)

20th* – Monday – Saint Sebastians Day (Dia de São Sebastião)


28th – Friday – Eve of Carnival (Véspera de Carnaval, ponto facultativo)


3rd – Monday – Carnival (Carnaval, ponto facultativo)

4th – Tuesday – Carnival (Carnaval)

5th – Wednesday until 2pm – Ash Wednesday (Quarta-Feira de Cinzas)


17th – Thursday – Maundy or Holy Thursday (Quinta-Feira Santa, ponto facultativo)

18th – Friday – Easter Friday (Sexta da Paixão)

21st – Monday – Tiradentes Day (Tiradentes)

23rd* – Wednesday – Saint George’s Day (São Jorge)


1st – Thursday – May Day/Labour Day (Dia do Trabalho)


19th – Thursday – Corpus Christi (Corpus Christi)


7th – Sunday – Brazil Independence Day (Independência do Brasil)


12th – Sunday – Our Lady of Aparecida Day (Nossa Senhora de Aparecida)

15th – Wednesday – Teachers’ Day (Dia dos Professores)

20th – Monday – Retail Day (Dia do Comércio)

28th – Tuesday – Public Servants’ Day (Dia do Funcionário Público)


2nd – Sunday – All Souls Day (Dia de Finados)

15th – Saturday – Republic Day (Proclamação da República)

20th – Thursday – Black Conciousness Day (Dia da Consciência Negra)


25th – Thursday – Christmas (Natal)

* municipal holiday