New Year 2014 Fireworks in Rio de Janeiro

The fireworks at Copacabana beach are probably the most famous alongside those of London and Sydney. It is a spectacular array of colour and music in one of the most picturesque settings in the world. The fireworks display at Copacabana is not the only one in town. Other neighbourhoods organise their own displays and accompanying entertainment so you have a choice of where to view fireworks in Rio de Janeiro.

new year 2014 fireworks in rio de janeiro

Currently the 2014 lineups have not been released so we will let you know what happened last year as they don’t tend to change much. Once we know what is happening this year you can guarantee we will have it up asap!


As it is such a large beach there are normally four stages constructed on the sand to provide entertainment. The main one and most popular is located in front of the Copacabana Palace Hotel; the other stages are located opposite Rua Santa Clara, Posto 5 opposite Rua Sá Ferreira and at Leme. The shows begin around 6/7pm with DJs playing music to get people in the party mood until the fireworks start at midnight (obviously!). After that there will normally be some more famous guests invited to play including some of the big samba schools in Rio. Generally the last acts come on around 3am on the Copacabana Palace stage.

There will be a lot of people on the beach! Portable toilets are installed and there are medical posts at regular intervals along the beach. The sand is always packed although you can usually find a spot for a small group. Some people will bring tents and set up chairs so watch where you step! If you don’t want to get involved in the big crowds then stay on the road nearer the buildings; you will still get a good view of the fireworks.


If you want to avoid the big crowds or don’t want to stress with public transport then you can opt to watch some fireworks on the Aterro do Flamengo. They won’t be as spectacular as the ones in Copacabana but there will be a stage where DJs and a big samba school will entertain you. Festivities normally run from around 7pm to 4am.

São Conrado

There will be a fireworks display in São Conrado but no live music.

Other neighbourhoods

You will be find more firework displays at the following neighbourhoods. All should be accompanied by live music and samba.

  • Pedra de Guaratiba (Rua Barros de Alarcão)
  • Sepetiba (Praia do Recôncavo)
  • Madureira (Praça do Samba – Parque Madureira)
  • Ramos (Piscinão do Ramos)
  • Penha (Praça do Conjunto Habitacional IAPI)
  • Ilha do Governador (Praia da Bica)
  • Ilha de Paquetá (Praia da Moreninha)

Niteroi will also have a fireworks display at Icaraí.