Rio de Janeiro Metro Line 4

rio de janeiro metro line 4

The new Line 4 of the Rio de Janeiro metro is under construction and will open in 2016. It will link Ipanema to Barra de Tijuca in the west and is expected to carry over 300,000 people per day and to take almost 2,000 cars off the road during rush hour. The plan is to keep the standard fare for all journeys.

There are 6 new stations planned: Nossa Senhora da Paz (Ipanema), Jardim de Alah (in between Ipanema and Leblon), Antero de Quental (Leblon), Gávea, São Conrado and Jardim Oceânico (Barra).

The estimated time to travel between Barra and Ipanema is 15 minutes and between Barra and the centre is 34 minutes.

Rio Metro has created a dedicated page to accompany the construction of Line 4. (Site in Portuguese)

Latest news

15/08/2013 – Work begins on new station in Gávea

29/06/2013 – Disruption in São Conrado for station entrance construction.

27/06/2013 – Part of Rua Barão da Torre to close for 5 months.

What happened to Line 3?

Some of you may have noticed that Rio currently has two lines so how come this new line is number 4? Well, as far back as 2002 an extension to the current network was proposed; Line 3. It would run from Niterói to São Gonçalo and would connect to the existing network via a 5km tunnel underneath Guanabara Bay linking Carioca station to a station at Niterói.

These plans were shelved until 2011 when it was announced that work would begin on the new line. However, wrangling over the budget delayed the project which has been shelved for the time being. Presumably the Olympics were the reason for bringing forward the construction of line 4 ahead of line 3.

More information can be found on Wikipedia (Portuguese)